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Efficient and pinpoint leak detection for swimming pools


The MTA Pool Scan is used to check pools for leaks when filled. Accordingly, you no longer have to drain your pool to be checked or wait until the water level has lowered to the leak. On the contrary – the MTA Pool Scan measures the tightness of the pool and its connections when filled. With the help of the probe, you can check inlet and outlet pipes, as well as skimmer nozzles for leaks simply and easily.

Due to the sophisticated technology, not only swimming pools but also pools and swimming ponds can be checked for leaks. The MTA Pool Scan can also be used on all types of materials.

The device is available with various accessories with which, for example, surface tests of walls or pool floors can be carried out and leaks can be efficiently located.


  • Mobile leak detection system
  • Easy to transport with protective case, plus sturdy small case for electronic components
  • 30m cable for easy and unrestricted testing
  • Measurement results in real time on the screen.
  • Pinpoint locating in live mode, as well as the possibility to create test protocols.


  • The electronic module’s compact design, paired with a contemporary Windows tablet, lays the foundation for precise measurements.
  • Real-time data viewing is feasible during pool inspections, while later analysis is also possible via integrated software.
  • This practical design streamlines and enhances the efficiency of testing.
  • All components, along with any additional accessories, are conveniently and securely storable in the provided transport box.
MTA Pool Scan


The data can be viewed and analyzed in real-time during measurements in the pool. Using the software and the powerful Windows tablet, various settings can be adjusted, including:

  • Creation of projects
  • Material databases with various pool objects (stainless steel pools, fiberglass pools, concrete pools, tiled pools, connecting pipes) included
  • Measurement and real-time data transmission
  • Saving and archiving measurements
  • Easy export of measurement protocols as PDFs.


The practical insertion aid is used during pipe testing. The probe head is inserted into the aid – the 45° angle significantly facilitates the insertion of the probe at T-junctions.

The MTA Pool Scan is supplied with the electronic unit mounted on a reel, as well as an earthing cable and testing software. The probe’s cable is wound on the practical reel, which facilitates easy rolling and storage.

This probe is designed to inspect hard-to-reach areas such as overflows and inlet nozzles. Additionally, it allows for the examination of pool pipes leading to the pump or technical room for leaks, without the need for excavation.

An area test probe is included in the standard package for examining the pool. This probe is attached to a practical telescopic rod, designed specifically for performing leakage tests on the pool’s side walls and floor. The extendable telescopic rod, with a total reach of up to 6 meters, ensures comfortable operation.


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