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We are proud of numerous awards we have received in recent years, which we consider a tribute to our work in all areas.


The topic of sustainability and leaving a green footprint has always been a top priority at MTA Messtechnik GmbH.

In the course of the sustainability check of Energieforum Kärnten, our internal processes and procedures, as well as the value chain and other important areas were audited down to the smallest detail. The assessment was based on compliance with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their implementation in the company.

We are pleased to have received this award for successfully passing the sustainability check and would like to thank Energieforum Kärnten for the constructive discussions and input.


We are really pleased with this award, even though it was not given directly to MTA.

The Essbio Nuevosur Award for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT AND INNOVATION 2015 was won by the AIR WATER FLUSHING project. The equipment is used to clean drinking water pipelines on site. MTA Messtechnik GmbH supported and supervised the project from start to implementation. In this project, this included not only the planning, but also the support during construction and training of the employees in Chile.

Increase of water quality

The project was completed in July 2015 in less than 6 months. Since then, the supplied equipment has helped to significantly improve the quality of drinking water for the residence of Concepcion. That makes us very proud.

Our customer also took the opportunity to present the new equipment in a short video.

Click here for the video: <<< external Youtube-Link >>>

essabio nuevosur

MTA wins Export Award 2015

At the 13th Carinthian Export Day, MTA Messtechnik GmbH, was awarded the Carinthian Export Price 2015 in the category of small companies.
Therefore companies were honored at the Export Gala by the President of the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce Jürgen Mandl, as well as Raiffeisen regional bank board spokesman Peter Gauper. Also Deputy Governor Dr. Gaby Schaunig and Councilman DI Christian Benger honored on one hand the above-average commitment. On the other hand the success of Carinthian companies on foreign markets with the Export Award 2015 was highlighted. Peter Gauper: „The awarded companies exemplify the importance of  exporting products and services in order to increase competitiveness and promote innovation”

Pipe-Inspector nomination for ECONOVIUS 2015

MTA Messtechnik GmbH has prevailed with the Pipe-Inspector® out of more than 600 applicants from all over Austria for the final selection for the ECONOVIUS 2015. The state award is therefore the highest domestic award  for particularly innovative achievements.

In the course of the festive award ceremony from March 25th 2015 in the “Aula der Wissenschaften”, innovation performance of  MTA Messtechnik GmbH was honored. The Pipe-Inspector® was presented to the invited guests.  The ECONOVIUS is awarded annually as part of the state award for Innovation of the Ministry of Economics.

Video of the product presentation during the award ceremony can be found here:
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MTA Pipe-Inspector wins Innovation and Research Award of the Province of Carinthia 2014

On November 20th 2014, the winners of the Innovation and Research Award of the Province of Carinthia 2014 were selected. MTA Messtechnik GmbH is pleased to have won the first place in the microenterprise category with the Pipe-Inspector® for wireless TV-inspection of pipelines.

Accordingly, the Innovation and Research Award is the highest award given annually by the Carinthian Economic Development Fund (KWF) on behalf of the State of Carinthia in the field of Innovation & Research.

This external link will take you to the film portrait of the project via the KWF website:

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Other Innovation and Research Awards of the Province of Carinthia


Awarded for the project MTA AIR JETTING LW87 – process for regeneration of drinking water wells in the category “Microenterprises”

The innovative cleaning system can be used in well shafts up to a depth of 1000m. Due to the controlled air blasts with a pressure of 25 up to 300 bar, seepage slots are cleaned and filter gravel is loosened. Thus, the well is cleaned with its own water and the use of air.


Awarded for the RWCM – Remote Water Control and Management project. This enables early detection as well as detection of water losses. The system can be retrofitted to the existing pipeline network. For this purpose, the sensors are attached to the outside of the pipe and connected.


Awarded for the project “WCS – Water Control Systems”. The innovative product makes it possible to record data at all informative points of a pipe network, as well as where it was previously not possible. Once the system is installed, data is collected, stored and analyzed.  This data provides information on flow rate and water temperature, among other things, as well as other individually adjustable measurement data and control systems relevant to customers.