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Efficient and pinpoint leak detection for flat roofs


The MTA Roof Scan is an innovative leak detection device for use on all types of flat roofs.

Precise location of leaks is possible with the MTA Roof Scan without time-consuming preparations (e.g. removal of the gravel in the test area). All you need to carry out the test is the correctly attached earthing cable, which can be used to establish a voltage circuit to the electronics, and sufficient water to moisten the test area.

Testing is carried out by simply driving over the roof with the measurig systems. Based on the principle of the electrical conductivity of materials, this technology enables efficient leakage detection on roof surfaces.

Real-time measurements

The integrated software delivers the test data in real time to the display and also offers the option of exporting test protocols as PDF files for your in-house reporting.

Handy design and the practical transport box make the MTA Roof Scan a reliable companion for leak detection missions. Thanks to the modern technology, even large roof areas can be inspected quickly and efficiently.

MTA Roof Scan - Product


MTA Roof Scan has an innovative electromagnetic leakage measuring system for the precise location of leaking areas on all types of roof surfaces.

The highly developed technology enables the most accurate measurements for the most diverse types of roof structures, including:

  • Cold and warm roofs
  • Inverted roofs
  • Green roofs
  • Trafficable roofs
  • Gravelled roofs

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Practical add-on system

The MTA Roof Scan can be extended with the MTA IQM Scan in just a few simple steps. This system makes it possible to check hard-to-reach areas for leaks quickly and efficiently.

The MTA IQM Scan case is connected to the electronics of the MTA Roof Scan – the connections for 10 highly sensitive and robust measuring probes are located on the side of the case. The MTA IQM Scan system’s switch box can be used to control the measuring probes and carry out cross measurements.


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  • Compact design of the electronic module in combination with a modern Windows tablet consequently form the basis for accurate measurements.
  • Measuring data can already be viewed on the roof in real time. On the other hand, subsequent evaluation of the tests is also possible at any time through the integrated software.
  • The practical design makes testing easy and efficient
  • All components and any accessories can be easily and safely stored in the transport box supplied.


The probe mounted on the measuring trolley is primarily used for surface testing. If the leaking area has been detected in the course of the area test, this is clearly indicated in the measuring program.

In order to locate the defective area more precisely, you can carry out a point location of the leakage. On the one hand, you can remove the probe from the measuring trolley and use it for precise localisation by hand.

Alternatively, a hand probe is available as a practical accessory. This makes it possible to locate points even in areas that are difficult to access.

MTA Roof Scan - Flat roof with foil upper material


The correct earthing of the MTA Roof Scan is indispensable for proper and accurate location. Connecting the earth cable to, for example, a lightning conductor attached to the roof is sufficient in principle. However, for an optimal test circuit, we recommend drilling a small hole in the ceiling at the point in the interior where the moisture entry through the roof is visible. Then install a screw in the hole (without plastic dowels).

Finally, attach the earthing cable to the screw head, starting from the electronics case. This will give you an optimal voltage circuit for a meaningful measurement.

MTA Roof Scan - Moisture ingress with earthing clamp
MTA Roof Scan - Schematic representation of the earthing circuit

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