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The IQM® monitoring system is a reliable measuring system that records the moisture content in the roof at freely definable intervals using cross measurements. Store and manage plant and customer data in the CRM system. Evaluations can also be called up via the web interface at any time and on the move. The IQM® monitoring system automatically alerts the stored contacts when limit values are exceeded.

  • Patent registration T95 35000 PAT
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IQM® Monitoring Sonde Messsonde
MTA Pool Scan
IQM® Monitoring Web interface

system information

Durable, robust monitoring system

Transmission via SIM CARD

Data query via web interface

Alarm function in case of moisture ingress

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Operating principle

The permanently installed, highly sensitive measuring probes transmit the measured values to the electronics. These digital values are processed in the electronics and transmitted to the IQM® monitoring server via mobile radio. Via the IQM® web interface, this data can be viewed, checked and evaluated from any Internet-capable terminal device. If the defined limit values are exceeded, the system automatically sends an alarm message to freely definable contacts.

Fields of application

Industrial plants with large halls: Large production facilities and manufacturing halls benefit from this system as it ensures the integrity of the roof and prevents potential damage from moisture accumulation.

Warehouses with flat roofs: warehouses where valuable goods and products are stored can be protected from potential water damage by the system.

Buildings with sensitive equipment: In buildings housing sensitive machinery or equipment, moisture intrusion can have disastrous effects. The IQM® monitoring system provides additional protection here.

Building complexes and office buildings: In office buildings, too, water ingress can lead to significant damage and business interruptions. The system provides a proactive solution for monitoring and alarming.

Modernization and safety for building infrastructures: At a time when technology is advancing rapidly and building safety and efficiency requirements are increasing, the IQM® monitoring system offers an innovative solution for modern building infrastructures. It not only enables early detection of moisture problems, but also integration with existing building management systems. This ensures continuous monitoring and minimizes the risk of water damage, which is often associated with high repair costs and business interruptions. For owners, operators and facility managers, this is an investment in the future security of their properties.

Examples of applications

Protection for sensitive systems

Protection for historic buildings

Schutz für sensibles Industrieequipment

Protection for modern buildings

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