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As specialists in leak detection, we combine our role as a developer and provider of customised services that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers. Our use of the advanced MTA Roof Scan® technology, developed in-house, allows us to make work processes both cost-effective and time-saving. By using our cutting-edge equipment, we guarantee you a fast, professional analysis of all roof structures, allowing you to benefit from unrivalled precision and efficiency. We are an internationally operating company.


  • Precision: Enables exact localisation of leaks through advanced technology.
  • Cost efficiency: Reduces costs through optimised diagnostic procedures.
  • Time saving: Fast execution and results.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of roof structures.
  • Non-invasive: No damage to the roof during the examination.
  • Ease of use: Simple handling and data interpretation.
  • Real-time data: Data can be viewed while the roof is being analysed


The MTA RoofScan is an innovative device based on electromagnetic wave technology to identify moisture and leaks beneath the surface of flat roofs. This method is characterised by its precision and non-invasiveness, which means that investigations can be carried out without physically altering or damaging the roof structure.

A key feature of the MTA RoofScan is its ability to collect data quickly and efficiently, allowing a comprehensive analysis of a roof’s condition without requiring costly and time-consuming processes. This represents a significant advance in the field of building maintenance and repair, as it facilitates the identification of potential problems before they lead to serious damage.


Leak detection with the MTA Roof Scan is suitable for a wide range of roof materials and constructions, including cold roofs (ventilated), inverted roofs, warm roofs and green flat roofs. The technology enables accurate analysis on roofs with waterproofing, separating layers, timber boarding, insulation, vapour barriers and bitumen. Furthermore, the applicability on foil roofs, gravelled warm roofs, tiled roof terraces and gravelled flat roofs with snow underlines the versatility and effectiveness of the system.

COLD ROOF VENTILATED (top to bottom construction)

  • Separating layer (pale blue)
  • Timber sheathing (brown)
  • Separating layer (green)
  • Insulation (yellow)
  • Vapour barrier (blue)
  • Bitumen (dark grey)

Inverted Roof (top to bottom construction)

  • Gravel fill
  • Roof tile (blue)
  • Hard foam panels (light grey)
  • Roof waterproofing (Medium grey)
  • Bitumen (Dark grey)

Hot Roof (top to bottom construction)

  • Gravel fill
  • Roof sealing (dark grey)
  • Separation layer (blue)
  • Insulation (yellow)
  • Vapour barrier (blue)
  • Bitumen (dark Grey)

Greened Flatroof (top to bottom construction)

  • Plants, soil, filter layer, water storage and root protection fleece (various colours)
  • Separating and sliding layer (light brown)
  • Roof sealing (dark grey)
  • Separation layer (green)
  • Insulation (Yellow)
  • Vapour barrier (Blue)
  • Bitumen (Dark grey)


Discover our latest success stories and projects where MTA Roof Scan provided innovative solutions to complex leak detection challenges. Each case study highlights the specific requirements and solutions that successfully applied our technology in different environments and roof structures. Learn how we ensure efficiency, accuracy and customer satisfaction in every project


In the premises of the building, places were discovered where water was leaking in and had already caused visible damage. We were commissioned to locate the leaks and prepare a damage assessment.

  • Sanofil film
  • Exposed aggregate concrete slabs
  • Ventilation systems
  • Insulation
  • Technische Lebensdauer der Dachfolie mit ca. 18 Jahren erreicht
  • Große Auflast durch Photovoltaikanlage und Lüftungsgeräten

Durch das Gewicht der Dachauflast wird die Isolierung etwas zusammengedrückt und die Schweißnähte werden enormen Schellkraft ausgesetzt. Gewissheit der homogenen und damit funktionssicheren und gebrauchstauglichen Fügung ist dennoch nur durch einen Schältest möglich.

As this property has 24 different weak points (faults and leaks) renovation will be very time-consuming and costly and will not provide a permanent solution. The technical service life of flat roofs and foil roofs is specified by the German Flat Roof Association as 12.5 years. The flat roof with the Sanofil film is exposed to an enormous load from the parts of the ventilation systems. Only roofs with roofing felt are better suited for loads of this size.

Consideration should be given to renewing or roofing the entire area with a sheet metal roof; the roof sheets should also be repaired or replaced

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