For drinking water

The contamination of drinking water pipes with sediments and deposits poses the risk of water turbidity, odour and taste nuisances.

Direct application

The air-water flushing LW87 is a reliable and very effective method and can be carried out practically everywhere without structural measures.


Mobile system for gentle cleaning of drinking water pipes – to maintain or restore drinking water quality.


Contamination of drinking water pipes with sediments such as iron, manganese, lime, humus, sludge, sand and other deposits poses the risk of water turbidity, odour and taste nuisance.

The LW87 air-water-jetting system gently dissolves all these deposits and removes them from the system. The air-water-jetting LW87 is carried out with lower pressures than the operating pressure, with even pressure without pressure surges, so there is no danger of pipe bursts.


  • Pressure pipes – Drinking water pipes
    From 1/2″ to DN 1400
    Maintenance cleaning of old pipes
    Initial cleaning of new pipes


The LW87 air-water jetting is a reliable and very effective process and can be carried out practically anywhere without structural measures.
The process works without the use of chemicals, improves the function of valves, relieves the pumps in pump pressure lines and thus also reduces energy costs during operation.


A selected pipe section is separated from the rest of the pipe network. Based on the network parameters, the cleaning section is supplied with air (cooled – oil-free – sterile) in a controlled manner via a hydrant, which is provided by the computer-controlled air treatment unit of the LW87 system.

At the same time, water is supplied by slightly opening a slide valve (valve) at the beginning of the line. As a result, the air-water mixture reaches very high flow velocities. The cavitation phenomena that occur cause a jet effect through turbulence, whereby a loosening of the deposits from the pipe walls is achieved.

The process is a constant pressure process (without pressure surges), whereby the pressure is always selected lower than the nominal operating pressure.

Pipe flushing is carried out via hydrants and drains; in the case of end pipes, the air-water mixture is flushed out via the house connection.


The LW87 air-water- jetting does not exert any additional stress on the pipe network, so there is no risk of mechanical pipe bursts. In the latest generation, the newly developed “Runtime” mode offers a choice of different cleaning cycles, matched to the material, diameter and length of the pipe.




  • Without the use of chemicals
  • No turbidity of drinking water
  • No excavation work
  • Daily output of several km possible
  • Improved valve function (tightness, mobility)
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Effective prevention of incrustations
  • Can be used independently of pipe diameters
  • Relieves the load on pumps in pump pressure lines
  • Reduces energy costs